Our commitment to quality is evident in every piece we craft, as we carefully select materials that are both durable and comfortable, without sacrificing the stunning appearance of our designs. We take pride in handcrafting each piece with precision and care, ensuring that every item meets our meticulous standards. The MP logo stamped on the exterior of each piece symbolizes our exceptional craftsmanship and serves as a testament to our commitment to quality. In a market overflowing with brands claiming high quality, we set ourselves apart by raising the bar for what it truly means to create jewelry that is both beautiful and built to last.


Emil Oliver started Maxwell Pontail with the goal of designing the jewelry he himself dreamed of wearing. He had searched for jewelry himself, but there was a lack of interesting designs in physical jewelry stores, and there was a lack of quality online. Therefore, he founded Maxwell Pontail and designed the first collection with the aim of moving away from the norm within men's jewelry designs, while maintaining top-notch quality.


We believe in the true meaning of quality. That's why we take a unique approach to crafting our jewelry, setting ourselves apart from the standard practice of molding and heating. By hand-cutting and sculpting each piece from a solid chunk of titanium, we are able to take advantage of the material's strength and durability while also navigating the challenge of its heat resistance.. By doing so, we ensure that every piece bearing the MP stamp is a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship and a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.