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  • Jeg ELSKER Maxwell Pontail

    Jeg ELSKER Maxwell Pontail. Venlig service, hurtig levering og perfekte smykker. Kæmpe anbefaling, hvis man går op i kvalitet!


  • Amazing experience end to end

    Awesome product and customer service is next level. I got the Juno Bolt ring, and it took some going back and forth before I found the right size. All of this was handled expertly and with updates a long the way.The ring itself is beautiful, and the shape inside the ring makes for a super comfortable fit. I'm not sure if it's the titanium material or the way it's shaped, but it doesn't tend to rotate on my finger like my silver rings do. This is a great feature, especially on a signet ring.

    10/10 would, and will buy again.
    -William Kilschow Petersen

  • Virkelig god kvalitet

    Virkelig god kvalitet. God service

    -Christian Pedersen