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Maxwell Pontail



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Grade 2 titanium

Our bangles are handmade of grade 2 titanium.

Extreme strength

The piece will never break regardless of what you do while wearing it. Anywhere titanium can be damaged is never a place you’d place your hand, so take care of yourself, and the ring will take care of itself.

6 grams

The bangle weighs around 6 grams depending on the size. Titanium is extremely lightweight despite its strength, making it comfortable to wear.


The bangle is cut by hand from a solid piece of titanium. This is a time consuming process, which means that a piece of jewelry takes approximately one day to produce, depending which design it is.

Scratch resistant

Gets significantly fewer scratches compared to other jewelry due to the material's hardened nature.

The color remains forever

The color and shine will never fade, as it’s made of solid titanium.

Resistant to all environments

Saltwaterproof, sweatproof, chlorine waterproof. You can wear it anywhere.

Lifetime Warranty

All our pieces come with lifetime warranty.


The hardened material will maintain its shape, even when being bent slightly as the user takes it on and off.


More allergy friendly than any other bracelets, including ones made of gold or silver.

Aion, a timeless and simple bangle. Handmade with precision and care, this 5mm wide bangle is crafted from titanium, resulting in a durable and long-lasting piece of jewelry.

Its surfaces feature a matt finish, providing a subtle, contemporary charm. The MP logo is stamped onto the exterior, symbolizing the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece by Maxwell Pontail.

Wearing the Aion Light Bangle is effortless and comfortable. It's slightly bendable, allowing the user to bend it a little when putting it on and taking it off, ensuring ease of use without compromising the bangle's integrity.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 day return policy
  • Free shipping

Size guide

Measure your wrist with measuring tape to find your size. The sizes are in cm. Choose the extent that is one size larger than your wrist. For instance: If your wrist meassures 17cm, you should pick size 17,5. 

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  • Jeg ELSKER Maxwell Pontail

    Jeg ELSKER Maxwell Pontail. Venlig service, hurtig levering og perfekte smykker. Kæmpe anbefaling, hvis man går op i kvalitet!


  • Amazing experience end to end

    Awesome product and customer service is next level. I got the Juno Bolt ring, and it took some going back and forth before I found the right size. All of this was handled expertly and with updates a long the way.The ring itself is beautiful, and the shape inside the ring makes for a super comfortable fit. I'm not sure if it's the titanium material or the way it's shaped, but it doesn't tend to rotate on my finger like my silver rings do. This is a great feature, especially on a signet ring.

    10/10 would, and will buy again.
    -William Kilschow Petersen

  • Virkelig god kvalitet

    Virkelig god kvalitet. God service

    -Christian Pedersen


My name is Emil Oliver and I started Maxwell Pontail with the goal of creating the jewelry I always dreamed of wearing. I searched high and low for pieces that spoke to me, but I found a glaring gap in both the variety of designs in physical stores and the quality of offerings online. This inspired me to found Maxwell Pontail and design my first collection, aiming to break away from the norm within men's jewelry designs, all while ensuring top-notch quality.